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Edge ERP – Introduction

Edge ERP - Globaledgeme

Edge ERP has been designed & developed by Global Edge Technologies for the unique & complex needs of a variety of industries including Contracting, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Fleet & Workshops, Facilities, Worker Villages, and Real Estate.

Edge ERP provides end-to-end solutions for companies to manage their enterprise while taking care of industry best practices. This includes managing their day to day operations, logistics, finances, month-end, quarter-end, and yearly activities, reporting, HR, etc. The key advantage of Edge ERP over other solutions is the way in which it integrates all these operations and makes for a seamless system that is both easy to use and at the same time sophisticated enough to include all kinds of complex activities that are needed for any kind of enterprise. A single software system that automates processes, takes care of all diverse business activities while keeping them well integrated, and delivers a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute business information across the enterprise. Examples of some of these activities could be running material resource planning, recruiting, managing an employee’s lifecycle, disbursing payrolls, recording all financial transactions, drawing balance sheets and P/L statements of the company, etc.

Based on a Client-Server model, Edge ERP is available as both, On-Premises & Cloud / Web-based.
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