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, Construction & Contracting

Old Financial Management

Edge ERP’s accounting and financial management module tracks the company’s finances through seamless interaction between all system modules, enabling sharper decision-making and facilitating greater control over business processes – in the most cost-effective manner. It provides an end-to-end view of business finances which is essential for sound financial planning and management to ensure sustained growth and good health of the business. Features include core accounting, budget & expense planning, revenue management & tax management. Core functionality includes Chart of Accounts, Opening Balances, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Receipts, Payments, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Debit Applications, Credit Applications, PDC Management, Bank Reconciliation, Budgets, Financial Reporting, VAT Calculation & Returns.

, Construction & Contracting

Inventory Management

The inventory management module allows for comprehensive monitoring and management of materials and supplies. Edge ERP’s Inventory Management has the tools required for manufacturers who regularly need to stock and track inventory, or for traders who need to keep track of the items that are selling briskly. The solution provides a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of the organization. Tightly integrated with Finance and accounting, the inventory management module features include Goods Receipt (Inwards), Goods Receipt (Quality Check), Goods Receipt Note, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer, Stock Receipt and Stock Issue. Additionally, Reserve / Un-reserve Stock, Batch, Serial, Multiple locations, Virtual Locations, and Rack & Bin functionality.

, Construction & Contracting

Purchase Management

Edge ERP’s purchase and supply chain module streamlines all aspects of the supply chain, from purchasing raw materials to customer fulfillment, helping to reduce lead times and inventory on hand while increasing on-time deliveries thus enhance your buying power through the ability to analyze supplier and product information. It further provides insights like demand forecasting to estimate future sales, which reduces waste and improves profitability. Features include Material/Site Request, Inquiry to Supplier, Quotation from Supplier, Comparison / Bid Analysis, Import PO Follow-up, Purchase Order, Short Closing Purchase Order, Purchase Returns and Sub-Contractor Management.

, Construction & Contracting

Project Cost Management (Contracting) – Draft Old

Edge ERP’s Project Cost Management (Contracting) module is a robust system to handles all aspects of a project lifecycle and consists of multiple functionalities that help in speedy estimation, tracking, costing and billing projects. It provides live 360° visibility into project status enabling management to analyze and identify potential threats that may arise during the project lifecycle, well in advance. Real time Profit & Loss statements can be viewed with total transparency with respect to head-wise expenses incurred in the project. As a comprehensive solution that can handle all kinds of complex projects, Edge includes Tendering, BOQ, Estimation, Resource & Sub-contractor Management, Budgeting & Cost Control, Project/Work Breakdown Structure (PBS), Progressive Billing (CPC – Client Payment Certificate) and Sub-Contractor Management, thus facilitating effective planning and improving the profitability of the organization.

, Construction & Contracting


Edge ERP’s Asset Management module provides complete Asset lifecycle management. Maintain detailed information of the Assets Master, Asset Issue, Asset Handover, Depreciation & Depreciation Allocation, Asset Disposal, Asset Transfer (Bulk) & more…

, Construction & Contracting

Human Capital

Edge ERP’s human capital and HR module helps organizations manage their human capital management needs from recruitment to succession. The end-to-end recruiting functions help find the right talent by allowing users to capture staffing requirements, enter and shortlist profiles of potential candidates, schedule interviews, rate & select applicants, offer jobs and bring them on-board. Once onboard, detailed Employee profiles can be maintained with document attachments & expiry alerts, as well as document receipt/issue control. Packed with functionalities that enable comprehensive, yet simple, handling of payroll processing, Edge HCM allows easy creation of rules that exist in the organization, and define business logic for Earnings, Deduction, Bonus, Arrears, Leave & Attendance, and other important areas. Features include Daily/Monthly timesheets, Import functionality from excel & Time Attendance database, Leave & Loans Management, Salary Process & Payment, Appraisals, End of Service Benefits, Employee Self Service Portal & more.

, Construction & Contracting

Reporting & Business Intelligence

The reporting and business intelligence module provides quick access to real-time data and key performance indicators. Reports can be generated with visual insights and other business intelligence arming decision makers & stake-holders with a deeper understanding of their business to make better decisions, improve their corporate planning and develop more data-driven strategies. Over 300+ reports are available in the system including the ability to easily export to multiple formats like excel, word and pdf.


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, Construction & Contracting

No Hidden costs

One-time license cost of the System
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High ROI

High Return On Investments (ROI)
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Rapid Deployment

Truly low implementation time
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Security over sensitive information
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Audit Trail

Document all activities in the organization
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Automate various office procedures


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