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Edge Production Management Software Gain Control and Make Smart Decisions with Edge Production Management Software

The manufacturing industry is one of the most volatile industries that is known for its fluctuating pace and increasing competitiveness. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of these businesses requires fast tracking and complete monitoring of each operation, the absence of which can lead to downtime in production, resource wastage and major losses. Edge Production Management software is designed for manufacturing businesses of all sizes. Manufacturing businesses need an ERP with industry-specific features and capabilities to manage, automate, track, collaborate and connect every step in a dynamic manufacturing process, from receipt of a customer order to shipment of the order. Manufacturers may operate in one or more modes:

·         Make to stock: Make products in anticipation of orders yet to come.

·         Make to order: Make products to fulfill orders received.

·         Engineer to order: Make a product that is designed, engineered and finished after an order has been received.

·         Customize to order: Customize standard orders to customer requirements or specifications.

Regardless of the mode, all manufacturers must manage complex and constantly changing processes. Edge Manufacturing software easily caters to the needs of any manufacturing organization, helping them to gain insights into all operations, enable total control, eliminate the disruptions and thus minimize the risks of downtime.



Edge industry-specific Manufacturing ERP software enables you to manage all your business challenges efficiently and ensure that you never fail in delivery, while keeping quality intact and your costs controlled. Consistent collaboration in entire logistic value chain, in real time, helps optimize your entire manufacturing establishment allowing you to harness your potential and empower the company to improve service, attract customers and boost profits. Edge Manufacturing Software helps integrates all functionalities – Production planning, material requisition, project and process management, work, time and tasks scheduling, into a single system helping to lower manufacturing cost, minimize pilferages through JIT inventory, and maximize revenue potentials.

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Order Management

Save time managing and fulfilling orders, improve productivity and provide better customer service.
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Planning and Scheduling

Quickly and accurately plan and schedule while maximizing uptime.
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Efficient Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management enables on-time and in-full delivery of products in the most efficient, responsive and economical way.
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Improved Production Control

Improve execution by tracking, recording and controlling your supply chain and manufacturing processes.
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Traceability & Real-time Insights

Track products and components right through the supply chain from inspection to distribution.
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Optimized Cost Control

Reduce costs & increase profitability by improving inventory optimization, waste management and shop floor data collection.

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