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Simplify Estimates & Quotations

Improve sales productivity by increasing accuracy during the quote and order process.
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On-time Deliveries, Everytime

Streamline your order-to-cash cycle & fulfill orders perfectly on-time, every time.
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Automate Workflow

Free-up capital tied into extra stock and reduce costs.
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Focus On What Matters

Focus your attention and capital on Items that are more profitable.
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Easily Forecast& Plan

Generate forecasts based on performance to plan better.
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Seamless Integration

Seamless information flow across departments to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Features & Version Comparison Edge Sales Management Software – Features/Version

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Edge Sales Management Software Boost Revenues and Make Smart Decisions with Edge Sales Management Software

Sales is the bloodline of any business.  The turnaround time to convert an inquiry to sales determines the success of any business & Edge ERP’s Sales Management Software system is just that catalyst. Edge ERP’s comprehensive suite of tools enable you to produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and fulfill orders perfectly on-time, every time, thus ensuring world-class customer satisfaction. 


Our Order Tracking System tools help to take down an inquiry quickly & answer customer queries, thus enhancing the customer experience. Owing to our experience of over a decade, we bring user friendly functions which help in determining potholes in the Sales process that often lead to total customer loss.  The ability to understand customer buying habits and changing trends can help the business survive in tough business conditions.  Built in analytical tools help in obtaining profitability & comparison data based on many criteria like salesman, region, territory, product, customer, period and more. 


Edge ERP’s Sales Management Software allows for total control and tracking of the Sales cycle. It streamlines the entire sales flow of the organization and eliminates any chances of any manual bottlenecks and errors by providing in-depth insights into the main business processes and establishing a smooth flow from Sales Quotation & Order processing, making delivery note, returns handling to invoicing and receiving payments. The Sales Module is designed to improve customer service, evaluate sales activities, capture trends, and perform advanced statistical analysis.


Edge ERP’s Sales Management Software provides the ability analyze customer habits and product information to identify current trends, thus enhancing on-time deliveries and improving customer satisfaction. It further provides insights on product trends to estimate and forecast future sales, which greatly improves profitability. Edge Sales Management Software is easy to use and fast to setup and helps manage inquiries & quotations, create Sales Orders, monitor orders and delivery schedules, approve invoices, and reduce paperwork throughout the Order-to-Cash process leading to greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your Order Monitoring Software workflow. 


Edge Sales Management software automates and improves labor-intensive processes for quoting, proposal generation, configuration, and order entry—enabling you to improve sales productivity by increasing accuracy during the quote and order process and identifying the right solution to meet customers’ needs. Edge ERP also provides the users with complete visibility in the sales flow of the organization limited to the scope of the user rights and access configured. Up-to-date dashboards display the revenue and all crucial sales information to the management at a glance. Hence the sales reports and dashboards serve as very powerful tools for sales analysis and prudent decision making for growth of the organization. A best-in-class Point of Sale system process results in accelerated increase in revenues, reduced operating cost of sales, improved operational efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction.


Tightly integrated with Inventory, Finance and accounting, Edge Sales Management software features include Inquiries from Customers, Quotations, Sales Orders & Proforma Invoices, Delivery Notes, Export Shipment, Short Closing Sales Orders, Sales Returns and Sales Invoicing.

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