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Edge Purchase Management Software Optimize Inventory and Make Smart Decisions with Edge Purchase Management Software

Edge ERP’s Purchase Management Software allows for total control of Supply Chain Management, streamlining all aspects from purchasing raw materials to customer fulfillment, helping to reduce lead times and inventory on hand while increasing on-time deliveries thus enhance your buying power through the ability to analyze supplier and product information. It further provides insights like demand forecasting to estimate future sales, which reduces waste and improves profitability. Edge Purchase Software is easy to use and fast to setup and helps manage requests, create POs, monitor spending, approve invoices, and reduce paperwork throughout the Purchase-to-Pay process leading to greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your Supply Chain management workflow.


The Purchase management software module provides complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipts. The complete procurement process – from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, cost accrual and vendor payment can be managed seamlessly. Vendor quotes can be collected against items and multiple vendor price comparisons can be used to recommend vendor selection for each purchase order. Requisitions can be generated automatically, or can be entered by users. Once approved, requisitions can be automatically converted to Purchase Orders. An item may be received directly to a line stocking location, to a specific job, or simply to its primary stocking location.

Tightly integrated with Inventory, Finance and accounting, Edge Purchase Management software features include Material/Site Request, Inquiry to Supplier, Quotation from Supplier, Comparison / Vendor Bid Analysis, Import PO Follow-up, Purchase Order, Short Closing Purchase Order, Purchase Returns and Sub-Contractor Management.

Purchase Management Software, Purchase Management

Simplify & Speed-up Purchases

Save time & cost on forecasting, planning and ordering.
Purchase Management Software, Purchase Management

Minimize Stock-outs

Maintain optimal stock levels and your increase sales.
Purchase Management Software, Purchase Management

Automate Workflow

Free-up capital tied into extra stock and reduce costs.
Purchase Management Software, Purchase Management

Focus On What Matters

Focus your attention and capital on Items that are more profitable.
Purchase Management Software, Purchase Management

Easily Forecast& Plan

Generate forecasts based on performance to plan better.
Purchase Management Software, Purchase Management

Seamless Integration

Seamless information flow across departments to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

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