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Simplify & Speed-up Orders

Save time & automate reconciliation.
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Minimize Stock-outs

Easily manage multiple Cost & Profit Centers through dimensions.
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Reduce Excess Inventory

Easily control billing and forecast upcoming payments.
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Focus On What Matters

Focus your attention and capital on Items that are more profitable.
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Easily Forecast& Plan

Generate forecasts based on performance to plan better.
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Seamless Integration

Seamless information flow across departments to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Features & Version Comparison Edge Inventory Management Software – Features/Version

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Edge Inventory Management Software Optimize Inventory and Make Smart Decisions with Edge Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management is one of the key components in the Supply Chain cycle to control and oversee purchases, maintain storage of stock at optimum levels, control the amount of product for sale and order fulfillment. The precise Inventory Management strategy will vary based on the types of products being sold and the channels being used to sell these products. Many businesses rely on manual tools such as Excel and Google Sheets to manage Inventory and make critical ordering decisions. But, knowing when to reorder, how much to order, where to store stock, and so on can quickly become a complicated process. Edge ERP’s Inventory Management software helps automate, track, and maintain the supply chain for optimal inventory levels with key insights and forecasts available in real-time. Edge Inventory Software helps growing businesses manage their inventory effortlessly, with capabilities that extend beyond basic reordering and stock monitoring, to encompass everything from end-to-end production and business management to lead time and demand forecasting to metrics, reports, as well as accounting. Edge Inventory Software and Warehouse Management has the tools required for manufacturers who regularly need to stock and track inventory, or for traders who need to keep track of the items that are selling briskly.
Edge Inventory Management software provides a solid foundation that is required to harness these basic ingredients to realize the full potential of the information available and maximize operational efficiency. The solution provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools and customizable components that simplify, automate and streamline all inventory related activities of the organization, from monitoring and management of materials and supplies to insights into your financial standing, customer behaviors and preferences, product and business opportunities, future trends, and more. This results in multiple benefits including better control, increased operational efficiency and longevity, and more profits.
Tightly integrated with Finance & Accounting, Edge Inventory captures the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) in real-time to provide clear insights into operational profitability. Edge Inventory Management software is highly geared towards a broad range of businesses from wholesale and distribution, catering to business-to-business (B2B) selling, or retail, catering to business-to-consumer (B2C) selling. Edge Inventory Software features include Goods Receipt (Inwards), Goods Receipt (Quality Check), Goods Receipt Note, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer, Stock Receipt and Stock Issue. Additionally, Reserve / Un-reserve Stock, Batch, Serial, Multiple locations, Virtual Locations, and Rack & Bin functionality is also available.
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