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Optimize Core HR

Easily manage People, Profiles and HR related transactions.
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Manage Payroll

Standardized, accurate and fast Payroll processing.
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Time & Attendance Tracking

Track time, attendance, and absences for all employees, while automatically calculating employee time and pay.
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Benefits Management

Simplify and streamline the management of employee benefits across the organization.
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Real-time Insights & Reporting

Monitor data for full transparency.
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Centralize Document Management

Streamline document management with automated expiry alerts.

Features & Version Comparison Edge HR & Payroll Software – Features/Version

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Edge HR & Payroll Software Edge HRMS Software simplifies the management of your workforce & optimizes your core HR

In today’s ever-changing economic environment, competent Human Capital Management is crucial for ensuring the overall success of the organization. However, the expectations from the HR Department are rising each day, and its functions are not limited to just recruiting, maintaining employee records, and payroll processing. Edge HR software & Payroll software system is designed to effectively manage the HR objectives of an organization. From hiring to the exit interview and succession, Edge Human Capital Management (HCM) software instils contemporary best practices in your Human Resource & Payroll processes keeping you and your employees fully engaged and fully informed. This flexible HR & Payroll software management solution keeps track of all your present and former employee details.
Edge HR software increases productivity with automated processes and self-service tools for HR managers and employees that provide quick access to key tasks across all devices. Employees can easily record attendance and view their balances, overtime, and premiums. Time and pay can be calculated automatically, according to each employee’s profile. Edge Payroll Software helps streamline employee benefits management with automated workflows and self-service tools for employees keeping processes on track with pro-active alerts and notifications. The built-in Appraisal System can be used to calibrate, refine, and reward the performance of an employee. Edge HR & Payroll Software is a flexible Human Resource Management System (HRMS Software) that helps you keep up with changes to your business and workforce.

Edge ERP’s HR Software helps to easily manage processes with automation and HR workflows across business systems and functions while providing personalized access to critical tasks across all devices. Employees can easily contact HR through their preferred channel and HR agents are empowered with an integrated knowledge base. Edge HR software & Payroll software is fully integrated with the other modules of the Edge ERP software system making it a powerful instrument that enables Human Resource and payroll departments to access, process, operate and manage all aspects of the organization’s Human Resource cycle including payroll function. Edge HCM helps reduces duplication of entries and to save time via its Electronic Approval System (EAS) and Employee Self- Service (ESS). The dynamic reports and Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards provide clearer insight into organizations resources all the time. Context-sensitive insights with role-based reporting and graphical dashboards, provide a one-click, bird’s-eye view and facilitate real-time payroll monitoring. Edge HRMS Software is geared to boost workforce productivity with self-services for time & attendance, employee benefits, and more.

Edge HRMS Software enables you to engage employees anywhere, comply with HR regulations, and simplify tasks with employee self-services helping you keep up with the needs of your workforce while providing exceptional experiences. With streamlined end-to-end processes across recruiting, onboarding, and core HR Edge HR & payroll software helps to efficiently and accurately plan and monitor processes from hiring to succession. Configurable, self-service processes with notifications, approvals, renewals, and more. Gain full transparency and be prepared for any business opportunity with real-time data and analytics.

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