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Tenders & Estimations

Easily import tenders (BOQs) from excel and create estimations using cost codes and activities.
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Budgets & Cost Control

Implementshort term operational planning, medium term (tactical) and long term (strategic) planning.
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Efficient Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management enables on-time and in-full delivery of products in the most efficient, responsive and economical way.
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Improved Project Cost Control

Improve execution by tracking, recording and controlling various elements from labor & material to machine & overheads, for any project activity.
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Traceability & Real-time Insights

Track products and components right through the supply chain from inspection to consumption.
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Optimized Cost Control

Reduce costs & increase profitability live 360° visibility into project status.

Features & Version Comparison Project Cost Management (Contracting) – Features/Version

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Project Cost Management (Contracting) Gain Control and Make Smart Decisions with Edge Project Cost Management Software

Edge Contracting Management Software is a robust Project Cost Management software that handles all aspects of a project lifecycle and consists of multiple functionalities that help in speedy estimation, tracking, costing and billing projects. It provides live 360° visibility into project status enabling management to analyze and identify potential threats that may arise during the project lifecycle, well in advance. Real time Profit & Loss statements can be viewed with total transparency with respect to head-wise expenses incurred in the project. As a comprehensive solution that can handle all kinds of complex projects, Edge includes Tendering, BOQ, Estimation, Resource & Sub-contractor Management, Budgeting, Project/Work Breakdown Structure (PBS) and Billing, thus facilitating effective planning and improving the profitability of the organization.
Project Monitoring factors such as acts as performance measurement criteria’s for Project Managers and Senior Management to take proactive measure during the course of the Project.
  • Cost Variance
  • Schedule Varian
  • Cost Performance Index
  • Schedule Performance Index
  • Estimate to Complete
  • Percentage of Work Scheduled
  • Percentage of Budget Spent
  • Percentage of Work Accomplished
  • Estimate at Completion
  • Variance at Completion
The Edge ERP system thus can be termed as a “Reactive system” rather than just be a normal “Post Mortem analysis” product. These features are of great use to contracting & construction companies and take care of various elements from labor & material to machine & overheads, for any project activity.

Tendering & Estimation

Tendering &Estimation is an integral part of the Project Cost Management module and allows to setup a list of Cost Codes in a Cost Code – Master file which can be further extrapolated into multiple levels (CSI Standards) until the definition of the final Cost activity. Each Cost activity is then mapped to the major resources involved in any company. We have classified the resources here in 5 major Categories (Equipment, Material, Labour, Sub Contractor & Overheads). The primary value (i.e. Cost) for each resource in each activity is listed in the master and the total value of the activity is automatically calculated. Now, when the BOQ and Design are sent by the customer for Tendering, An internal ‘Estimation’ process starts where the BOQ elements can be mapped against the Cost Codes and then “Overheads” and “Profit Margin” can be apportioned to each Cost Activity by percentage value of that activity on the complete BOQ. This will populate an Internal Tender which can then be finalized and submitted to the Customers. (Note:During the Tendering stage, the system can be checked for consistency of Cost Activity on 3 levels – Cost Code Level, Resource Level and BOQ Level). After the Project is awarded, the Preliminary Estimate without Overhead and Profit Margin will be mapped as a Budget to track against the actuals.

Budgeting & Cost Controlling

Budgeting & Cost Controlis an integral part of the Project Cost Management software module that allows preliminary determination of service types and partial plans that should be included in the organizational budget. The budgeting process will start with the entry of planning data, either manually or by transferring data from the preceding year’s budget. Budget development typically serves to implement short term operational planning (a time period ranging from a few months to at most three years). However, the Edge ERP System’s Budget Management module will also allow for medium term (tactical) and long term (strategic) planning.

Sub-Contractor Management

Sub-contractor management is an integral part of the Project Cost Management module including the creation of agreements, Purchase Orders, Payment Certificates and reports.
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