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Save time & automate reconciliation.
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Manage Cost & Profit Centers

Easily manage multiple Cost & Profit Centers through dimensions.
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Manage Bills & Expenses

Easily control billing and forecast upcoming payments.
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Focus On What Matters

Focus your attention and capital on Items that are more profitable.
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Easily Forecast& Plan

Generate forecasts based on performance to plan better.
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Seamless Integration

Seamless information flow across departments to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Features & Version Comparison Edge Accounting Management Software – Features/Version

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Edge Accounting Management Software Gain Control and Make Smart Decisions with Edge Accounting Management Software

At the heart of the Edge system lies Edge Finance, which provides organizations greater financial intelligibility, empowering company-wide financial control through improved financial management and forecasting. Organizations today demand Accounting Management Software that is flexible enough to accommodate dynamically changing business needs. Edge ERP System’s Financial Management Software is a complete, end-to-end enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of the most complex, multinational organizations. Working silently behind every transaction in your business, it seamlessly automates the accounting software procedures to enable the business to concentrate on its primary activities.
Edge Finance is a powerful and easily customizable Accounting Management Software that provides a complete set of tools streamline and control financial management and forecasting. Edge Financial Management Software consolidates all functions of the organization into a highly coordinated eco-system that automates and mistake-proofs your entire business, helping you to seamlessly collaborate to reduce errors, improve traceability and increase performance. In-depth, real-time view into receivables, payables, expenses along with inter-department connectivity and transparency, results in better, faster and well-informed decisions – reducing costs & boosting profits.
Edge Financial Management Software provides a solid foundation that is required to harness these basic ingredients to realize the full potential of the information available and maximize operational efficiency. The solution provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools and customizable components that simplify, automate and streamline all inventory related activities of the organization, from monitoring and management of materials and supplies to insights into your financial standing, customer behaviors and preferences, product and business opportunities, future trends, and more. This results in multiple benefits including better control, increased operational efficiency and longevity, and more profits.
Running at the core of the Edge ERP system, the Accounting Management Software is seamlessly integrated with all other modules in real-time to provide clear insights into operational profitability. Edge ERP’s accounting management software and financial software module tracks the company’s finances through seamless interaction between all system modules, enabling sharper decision-making and facilitating greater control over business processes – in the most cost-effective manner. It provides an end-to-end view of business finances which is essential for sound financial planning and management to ensure sustained growth and good health of the business. Edge Financial Management software is highly geared towards a broad range of businesses from wholesale and distribution, catering to business-to-business (B2B) selling, or retail, catering to business-to-consumer (B2C) selling. Edge Accounting Software features include core accounting, budget & expense planning, revenue management & tax management. Core functionality includes Chart of Accounts, Opening Balances, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Receipts, Payments, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Debit Applications, Credit Applications, PDC Management, Bank Reconciliation, Budgets, Financial Reporting, VAT Calculation & Returns.
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