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Business Transformation & ERP Implementation Specialists

Global Edge Technologies is an independent, niche ERP solution provider that specializes in business transformations and ERP system implementations. We help enable enterprises within the MENA region, achieve their unique business transformation objectives with our ERP solution – Edge ERP


Edge ERP is a single, integrated system to handle an organization’s core processes, geared towards a variety of industries and verticals including – Trading & Distribution, Manufacturing, Contracting, Fleet & Workshops, Worker Villages, Human Capital Management & Real Estate.


While Edge ERP’s functional core is based on Finance, it is inclusive of a comprehensive set of tools to manage Inventory, Purchases, and Sales, the solution also includes modules for Human Capital Management and Asset Management within its ecosystem.

What We do

We strive is to provide innovative solutions for complex challenges by leveraging our extensive experience to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions that empower every aspect of your business operations. We see challenges as opportunities to streamline your business processes by capitalizing on emerging technologies.


We believe in providing a “Total Solution” to your organization’s IT needs, by helping you to choose the right mix of services, quality products, and technologies. By tailoring and designing solutions to your requirements, we enable you to increase productivity, add flexibility & improve financial performance across your enterprise. 


Our core vision is client satisfaction and we strive to achieve the highest levels by offering and delivering the best-in-class products, services and solutions to Corporate/Enterprise clients, Small & Medium businesses as well as end users. We have a track record for being a reliable & dependable partner who can, with their professional & technical expertise, offer a wide range of solutions.

ERP Software Provider

Why Choose Us

Although there are hundreds of companies you can choose from, finding a reliable one with whom you can build a long-term relationship is not easy. We take pride in the solutions we offer and strive to achieve excellence in all our projects. We are not satisfied until the projects meet our own personal high expectations. Having implemented over 100+ solutions over a variety of industries, we bring our extensive experience and functional know-how to the table.


We believe in a long-term approach, and have built trust and credibility over the years by honoring our commitments. In critical times for the client, we are there to assist in any way possible. We strive to take out the complexity from IT, simplifying each of the touch points. We believe one-hundred percent in providing the right-fit solution and have helped over 100+ clients within the region to streamline their order management and procurement processes, enabling them to better manage their IT costs, optimize accounting efficiency, eliminate manually-intensive spreadsheet-based reporting and improve employee productivity.


Over the years, we have built our own ecosystem, treating our customers, our people and our vendors as an extended family, challenging each other and growing in the process. With a sense of belonging, our people operate in a self-governing mode, providing reliable and dependable solutions and services.


Business management solutions Dubai | Globaledgeme

Domain Knowledge

A deep understanding of the domains that we cater to, helps us deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.
Business management solutions Dubai | Globaledgeme

Functional Expertise

Our extensive experience helps us in achieving quick & smooth implementations along with an efficient support network.
Best Business management software service provider Dubai

Knowledge Network

Meticulous documentation – before, during and after completion of projects results in quick & efficient project execution.
ERP Software Solutions in Dubai | Globaledgeme

New Solutions

We are constantly innovating and adding new features and capabilities to the system to stay ahead of the game.
ERP Software Solutions in Dubai | Globaledgeme

Strong Support

Unparalleled support during and post our projects as we understand that a system is just about as good as the support that comes with it.
ERP Software Solutions in Dubai | Globaledgeme

Proven Track Record

We are passionate about the projects we undertake and have a track record with a success rate of over 95% in Completion & Go-Live as compared to the 30% industry standard.

Meet The Team


Taher Mukadam Profile | Globaledgeme

Taher Mukadam

Founder Managing Director

Rich experience & deep understanding of business processes coupled with a strong technical background in ERP solutions.
Adnan Mukadam | Globaledgeme

Adnan Mukadam


Innovative and performance-driven Entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and business. Experienced in managing all aspects of business...
Prakash Kawadkar | Globaledgeme

Prakash K

Solutions Architect

Development head with hands-on knowledge of industry practices, in-charge of the entire in-house software development.

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